Download Movies No Escape (2015) BluRay + Subtitle

Download Movies No Escape (2015) BluRay + Subtitle

No Escape (2015) BluRay + Subtitle
Sinopsis :

An engineer from the USA named Jack Dwyer (Owen Wilson) brought his wife Annie (Lake Bell) and their two daughters Lucy (Sterling Jerins) and Beeze (Claire Geare) to a country in Southeast Asia where he will try to build his new career. Everything has been hostile ever since their arrival at the airport. Although it is ultimately up at the hotel thanks to the help of a mysterious man named Hammond (Pierce Brosnan), the problem does not get away from Jack. Television, lights, and the hotel's room phone they do not function properly, even to look for the newspaper USA Today was difficult.

Action | Thriller
File Format: mp4
Video Encode: AVC (H.264)
Audio Encode: AAC (Stereo)
Resolusi: 360p
Durasi: 1 Jam - 43 Menit - 06 Detik
Ukuran: 281  mb

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No Escape (2015) BluRay

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